30 Things Day 30: List 10 things you would hope to be remembered for.

Aww, I’m feeling a bit sentimental but I’m also kind of excited that it is done!

Ten things I hope to be remembered for, hmm.

1. Being a half-decently friendly person

2. Always willing to love on a critter (especially the ones I was told would hate me)

3. Creative ideas and unbridled imagination (I think I just like the word unbridled)

4. Quest for knowledge! (it’s okay if someone just says I am a know-it-all. In fact, it is just as flattering!)

5. Good sense of humour (because I actively try to avoid being a stick in the mud or being flat)

6. Multi-talented (take this as you will, it is a really fitting descriptor)

7. Hopeless at drawing but great with a camera, words, or reluctant pups

8. Interesting notebooks (please, when I die, someone “discover” my notebooks and make a pretty penny off of them. I keep them so that people can enjoy some of my awful writing after I move along)

9. Having (way too many) just enough animals to make life chaotically perfect

10. Being awesome!

And on that vaguely conceited note, here so ends my 30 things adventure! I’m very well aware of how few people read it now but hopefully, when the time comes for a greater following, there will be some tidbits in here that will help readers get to know me in a really quite honest and frank way.

Thanks for tuning in! On to our next adventure we roll~



30 Things Day 29(!!!): What do you think people misunderstand most about you?

A lot of people think I am anti-social or mean/angry/not very nice simply because I don’t enjoy doing a lot of the “popular kid” things like drinking, partying, dancing, or those sorts of things. I’m actually really friendly, I just don’t tolerate boredom well. When I am with people who enjoy similar things as I do, like movies, going out for dinner, or tea, or frequenting markets and the like I get on much better with them. It can be a little rough around the edges when I don’t have a single thing in common with someone, but if we can find a sort of common ground, then I am more likely to talk their ear off!

Love Language?

30 Things Day 28: What is your “love language”?

Alright. The test is a bit divisive with “wives” only having “husbands” and it all seeming really gendered which was a bit frustrating but it is interesting to consider and I definitely have made K do it as well to “compare scores”.

My scores are: Words of Affirmation: 6; Quality Time: 12; Receiving Gifts: 0; Acts of Service: 5; Physical Touch: 7

K’s scores are: Words of Affirmation: 6; Quality Time: 11; Receiving Gifts: 0; Acts of Service: 5; Physical Touch: 8

I’m not surprised that K likes to be close more than I do (even if just by one point!) because, well, we already knew that! And We have never really been big gift givers (I hate surprises! And we are quite poor so individual gift budgets are pretty much non-existent). Otherwise, I’m not surprised in the least.

The “Quality Time” score I got is the highest you can score in any section which basically means that I really love spending time with K and, well, I do feel hurt if things get postponed, forgotten about, or we get distracted from spending time together. Really, though, I just like doing things we enjoy together, especially since a lot of what we enjoy doesn’t cost that much money.

Me, Myself

30 Things Day 27: What is your favourite part of your body and why?


Maybe this is a bit stereotypical, but I really love my face – even if this picture isn’t the most flattering one ever, it is definitely the most me. I am most specifically fond of my lips, chin, and cheeks. Sometimes my nose feels too big, or my eyes too small, or all of the roundness a bit too, well, pudgy. Generally, though, I love being able to look at my pictures beside my aunts and cousins and be able to see similarities in our features. It helps me feel connected and really part of my extended family even though we don’t see each other much.


30 Things Day 26: What popular notion do you think the world has most wrong?

“More Money Equals Greater Happiness” compounded by “Higher Education Means Better Life”

These two ideas turn me into a rage monster full of opinions and a holier than thou manifesto. I loathe that there is such a strong focus on going into serious, serious debt no matter what kind of interests or learning ability you have because you apparently have to go to University in order to lead a fulfilling, respectful, meaningful, and worthwhile life. As such, by going to university, you’re increasing your theoretical earnings which is the sole key to leading a happy life because money makes you a happier person.

The best part about these ridiculous ideas is that the number one person in my life who preaches these ideals at me is one of the most bitter, disrespectful, evangelical (about the path she has chosen for her life), and least happy people I have ever met. This is a bit confusing to me because she is trying to tell K and I that if we don’t follow in her footsteps we will be miserable when, well, she is miserable looking and doesn’t give off the impression of enjoying her life very much and yet, oh my goodness, if we don’t go to University and get a Well Paying Job we are going to live in a box down a dark alley in the downtown core.

I understand that some people aspire to go to university so that they can achieve goals and dreams that they have held in high esteem since they were young, or because they feel it is their duty, but I don’t feel that way. I tried university and I just didn’t click with how they were teaching. I knew a lot of what they were teaching in my first year so I got really bored. When picking my second year courses, the only ones offered for my interests/majors were ones that I, well, had already read all of the required texts for and studied them in my English classes and out of personal interest in examining literature and world religions. While I’m sure not everyone has this problem, I didn’t understand why I was paying so much to learn how to do something I already knew how to do – to read books I had already read. I know that university degrees are more about learning such important skills as time management, perseverance, and various study/research skills but it is also pretty easy to learn those in a workplace or on your own like I already had.

All of my bad feelings about the institution were made worse by my long running desire to start my own business. I decided that, for my own personal happiness, I need to build on skills that are marketable to prospective employers who can help me grow into who I need to be to have my own business. I have a number of ideas for how to have my own little niche in the world that is an embodiment of what makes me happy and I can see it expanding, evolving, and changing over the course of my life. I may be working towards a crafting online business and dog obedience training now but who knows where the years will take me as I embark on journeys into married life, parenthood, and beyond. Crafting may not ever suite my financial needs but it’s a pretty good way to re-coop some of the money spent on fabric and yarn. Dog training may not be a full time ideal for many years as I work through being a parent, but it is something that can be expanded on or maintained easily. Who knows what will call to me as I progress, but I’ll never be making millions and I probably won’t come out at the end with a university degree.

Who knows, maybe I’ll regret it down the road but I’m working now to truly embrace and live the “having the most things is less important than making the most of what you have” philosophy. Right now, not having tens of thousands of dollars owing to the government for a degree really feels great because I can afford the things I want and the little courses that will help me reach my entrepreneurial goals. I know that I will continue to encounter these two ideals that everyone else seems to live by, but, well, they’re wrong. There is no perfect formula for education and money that fits every single person except, “Do what makes you happy”.

So go boldly do whatever it is that makes you happy, because that is the only way you’re going to be happy. ❤

Back in Time

30 Things Day 25: If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you eat?

This may be a bit of a cop-out but I would definitely want to have dinner with William Shakespeare and eat pretty much anything that was culturally appropriate. Which would probably be something deliciously meaty. I think Shakespeare is a bit of a pathetic choice but he is the one person in history that I have been obsessed with the longest. Sure, Hitler would be interesting and Hemingway would be a blast, Buddha would be fascinating and Jesus could be inspiring but Shakespeare is brilliant – bloody brilliant. And I want to be able to bask in his brilliance and hope that his creative prowess would some how seep into my brain and make me brilliant too.


The 30 Things Challenge is coming to a close (five left!) and I want to try and break away from list-prompt-writing after that, so we’ll see what becomes of this space ^_^


30 Things Day 24: Describe your family dynamic of your childhood vs. your family dynamic now.

When I was younger, I don’t think I really appreciated how well my parents worked together or now they raised us. My brother and I were pretty awful to our parents, especially in our teens, when we were “testing” just how resolutely they would let us speak our minds and be free-thinking individuals. Things were tense, and sometimes really quite loud, but I think that it worked out. Now, well, my brother and I aren’t really afraid to speak our minds, have opinions that differ from everyone else, and we still respect our parents. I’d say that is a win-win for everyone.

One big thing that has changed, though, is that my brother and I don’t really regard my parents in a “mommy” or “daddy” light so much as an “equals” and “we’re all adults here” sort of spectrum. Sometimes, with the extended family, family friends, and, uh, future-in-laws, this causes really big problems and lots of anger and bitterness towards my brother and I because, oh my goodness, you don’t say those sorts of things around your family and if your parents tell you to do something you do it. Well, not here. We’ve always been encouraged to find out why someone wants us to do something and act accordingly.

But I love my family, so it all works out.

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